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About ThaiLakornTV.com (watch Lakorn online)San Francisco Thai Community Lakorn TV About Thai Lakorn TV

ThaiLakornTV.com is built by Thai community in San Francisco to gather Thai entertainments for all Thai people. Although we have been living in San Francisco more than 15 years, we still enjoy watching Thai Lakorn TV, Thai Movies, DVD online with Utube. We love to watch Lakorn with all other Thai friends during dinner time as Thai people normally do in Thailand.

ThaiLakornTV.com hope our viewers will be enjoy Thai Lakorn TV the same as we do. We have many friends emailing and calling us to give feedbacks about Lakorn and our web site. We want to thank all our friends who have been living aboard like U.S.A, Sweden, France, Canada, UK, and Germany. We not only try to update all Thai Lakorn TV for 2010 but also update the classic Thai Lakorn.

See and Enjoy Thai Lakorn TV!

Thai Lakorn Lovers

Thai Community, San Francisco, CA, U.S.A., 94118

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      • ThaiLakornTV.com

        Thank you for viewing our site.

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    • ThaiLakornTV.com

      We are glad you like this movie. We will update as soon as we could.

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  • Shalimar

    I’m so glad that I found this site as I was searching to where to buy DVD lakorns here in San Francisco I happened to click on this website, now I have another site where I can watch lakorns and movies. Thank you so much for creating this site where people like me have a chance to share and watch more lakorns. By the way, where can I buy dvd’s with eng subs here in San Francisco? Thanks again and more power!

    • ThaiLakornTV.com

      Thank you for viewing our site. We don’t sell DVD for Thai Lakorn at the moment. We only post it on the web. Many viewers also ask this question. We probably do it in the future.
      Thanks again

      • Kung

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  • Marsha Kongprachith

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    Khun Seuk

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